Date Venue Location Tickets
THU May/Jun/Jul Pete Millers Wheeling, IL Website
May 10-13 Cotton Club Tokyo, Japan Website
Jul 27 & Aug 24 Untitled Chicago, IL Website
Aug 12 Andy's Jazz Club Chicago, IL
Aug 13 Tonic Room Chicago, IL
Aug 19 Pete Millers Evanston, IL Website
Aug 26 Perry's Oakbrook, IL Website
Aug 27 Porkchop Chicago, IL Website
Sep 23 & 24 Pete Millers Evanston, IL Website
Oct 10-16 TBD Paris, France
  • Chicago, IL / 

Sly and surprising gypsy-jazz quintet who apply that idiom to modernistic pop tunes, as well as vintage jazz composition

  • Chicago / Tokyo  / 

Frank Catalano's new Ropeadope Recording, "God's Gonna Cut You Down" debuted at #2 on iTunes - "Love Supreme Collective" Debuted at #1 on the iTunes -featuring Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins)

  • Chicago, IL / 

Shawn Maxwell's Alliance started as an experiment and gathering of friends set out to play new music without stereotype or limitation. The result stands as a new approach and direction, featuring unusual instrumentation and distinct arrangements.


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