Date Venue Location Tickets
Every Wednesday *resumes Aug Pete Millers Evanston, IL
Every Thursday *resumes Aug Perry's Oakbrook, IL
Every Friday *resumes Aug Eddie V's Chicago, IL
2019 Highlights
May 14-Aug 4 SIX musical - North American Premiere Chicago, IL Tickets
Jun 5 lePercolateur at Green Mill Chicago, IL Website
Jun 7 Stacybass Quartet- Starlight Series at Untitled Chicago, IL
Feb 26-Mar 3 New York, NY
Jan 25-Feb 4 New York, NY
2018 Highlights
March-April Broadway: Taste of Things to Come
June 26-July 5 Paris, France
2017 Highlights
August 17-20 Miami, FL
2016 Highlights
May 10-13 Cotton Club- Tokyo Tokyo, Japan Website
August 15-19 Miami, FL
Oct 10-16 Paris, France
2015 & prior
2012 Joan Rivers Comedy Special -Don't Start With Me Netflix
  • Chicago, IL / 

Sly and surprising gypsy-jazz quintet who apply that idiom to modernistic pop tunes, as well as vintage jazz composition

  • Chicago / Tokyo  / 

Frank Catalano's new Ropeadope Recording, "God's Gonna Cut You Down" debuted at #2 on iTunes - "Love Supreme Collective" Debuted at #1 on the iTunes -featuring Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins)

  • Chicago, IL / 

Shawn Maxwell's Alliance started as an experiment and gathering of friends set out to play new music without stereotype or limitation. The result stands as a new approach and direction, featuring unusual instrumentation and distinct arrangements.


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